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Various Philanthropic Activities On Behalf Of Anudatta Pratishthan On The Fourth Death Anniversary Of The Late Dattajirao Ambre (Anna). On Behalf Of Anudatta Pratishthan On The Fourth Death Anniversary Of The Late Dattajirao Ambre (Anna) At A Strategic Place In Gunade Village.
Kai Dr. Ashok Ambre Memorial Library, A Government Public Library With A Collection Of More Than Ten Thousand Books, Is Moving Towards Its Silver Jubilee Year And This Building With Separate Ladies’ And Children’s Reading Rooms Is Being Established On Behalf Of Dutt Pratishthan.
While Ca Siddhesh Medical Assistance Center Is Opening Its New Hall For Community Service, A Well-Equipped Clinic (General Practitioner Clinic) Is Being Opened At Gunde Village, And Famous Experienced, And Expert Doctors Of Maharashtra Will Be Available. At The Same Time, Getting Sick Patients (Patients) Admitted For Surgery, Etc. For Huge Medical Expenses Incurred After Surgery Treatment, Siddhivinayak Trust, Shirdi Trust, Lalbagh Raja Trust, Chief Minister’s Aid Fund Scheme To Get Help To The Citizens In The Form Of Government Subsidy Along With Relief And Cost Waiver And Providing Necessary Ambulances As Per The Need Of The Patients. For Women After Pregnancy Examination By Renowned Gynaecologists To Provide Necessary Guidance And Help For Easy Delivery And To Provide The Necessary Materials According To Anatomy. To Provide The Necessary Tools And Materials To The Neglected Elements Such As The Blind, Disabled, Physically Challenged, And Mentally Retarded. Various Camps Have Been Organized On Behalf Of Ca Siddhesh Medical Assistance Center Building Anudatta Pratishthan To Convey The Importance Of Eye Donation, Blood Donation, And Organ Donation.
In The Name Of The Late Shamrao Yadav (Sir), The Secretary Of Anudatta Pratishthan Since Its Inception And Teacher Of Saraswati Education Institute, To Build An Updated Gymnasium (Gym) Building For The Youth And Young Adults Of Panchkroshi And Conduct Demonstrations And Matches Of International Standard Maharashtrian Games, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Wrestling. At The Same Time, Getting A Medal For Maharashtra And The Country. The Grant-In-Aid Institution Aims To Produce Athletics Players.
Mammas (Matoshree Anusaya Ambre (Mai) Shishuvihar) – The Shishuvihar (Playgroup, Nursery, And Senior Kg) Started In 2016 In The Name Of Late Anusaya Dattajirao Ambre (Mai) Has Separate And Well-Equipped Air-Conditioned Classrooms And Spacious Lawn Play Area For School Students. , It Has Been Decided On Behalf Of The Grant Foundation To Provide Kindergartens In The Form Of Toys And To Construct A Building Equipped For The Children Of 10 Villages Adjacent To Gunde.
In Memory Of Late Mla Vinayakrao Mete Etc. Granted Foundation Has Decided To Construct A Well-Equipped Building For Government-Approved Diploma Courses That Can Be Taken By Young Men And Women In Various Industrial Technical Education Areas After The 10th Standard.
Shiv Sangram Divisional Office – From The Idea Of ​​Late Mla Vinayakrao Mete Saheb, The Founder And National President Of Shiv Sangram, A Grant Foundation Has Been Decided To Provide A Divisional Office Of Shiv Sangram Organization.
Establishment Of A Well-Equipped Breakfast Shelter Center In Memory Of Nandai And Sudhai, Grant Of Late Stay For Various Officials, Businessmen, Tourists, And Guests Coming To Gunade Panchkroshi As Per Their Emergency Reasons And Construction Of A Guest House Building At Gunade With Accommodation Along With Breakfast And Food Facility With Link To Mtdc If Required. The Establishment Has Determined.
The Grantee Foundation Has Decided To Provide A Well-Equipped Office At A Central Location To The Farmers’ Organization, A Various Executive Services Society Functioning In Two Villages, Gunde Sheldi.
In Memory Of The Late Famous Jakhadi Dance Shaheer Of Konkan Bhp Vijayabuwa Ambre, An Air-Conditioned Banquet Hall With A Capacity Of 300 Seats Has Been Constructed, And A Separate Dining Hall For Various Camps, Pieces Of Training, Sakhpuda, Weddings And Other Ceremonies In Both Seasons Of Un-Paus At Gunde Central Location. Duttada Pratishthan Has Decided To Build And Construct Free Halls As Per The Needs Of The Poor People At A Moderate Cost.

Among The Few FCRA Registered Organizations In Maharashtra, Anudatta Janseva Pratishthan Is An FCRA Certificate Holder And Is Eligible For An 80g Exemption. The President Of The Foundation Vikrant Dattajirao Ambre, Working President Sanjay Dattajirao Ambre, And All The Honorable Trustees Of The Foundation Have Expressed Their Desire To Complete All These Resolutions Immediately.

Anudatta Janseva Pratishthan, Which Started With The Initial Two Letters Of The Late Dattajirao Govind Ambre (Anna) And The Late Anusaya Dattajirao Ambre (Mai), Has Been Continuously Running For 23 Years Since 1999 On Behalf Of This Organization Since Its Registration With The Government. For This, The President, Working President, Vice President, Secretary, And All The Directors, Office Bearers, Employees, And Well-Wishers Of The Organization Have Worked Tirelessly.

1.50 Crore Market Value Building With An Area Of ​​Approximately 10,000 Sq. Ft. In One Acre And The Developed Land Under It, In Memory Of The Late Anna And Mai, Anudatta Bhavan Was Donated By Shri. Sanjay Dattajirao Ambre, Shri. Vikrant Dattajirao Ambre, Mrs. Uma Sanjay Ambre, Mrs. Manisha Vikrant Ambre, Shri. Siddharam Vikrant Ambre, Mr. Sagar Sanjay Ambre As Well As Shri. Subhash Sakharam Pawar (Son-In-Law), Shri. Suryakant Sitaram Mhamunkar (Son-In-Law) And His Family Have Decided To Transfer The Free Grants To Janseva Pratishthan From Today.